The Institut Français Italia, the UNESCO Chair in Population, Migrations and Development of Sapienza University of Rome and the Department of Methods and Models for the Economy, Territory and Finance of Sapienza University of Rome in cooperation with the Italian Association for Population Studies (AISP), are organising an international conference on youth, migrations and development around the Mediterranean, with the aim of highlighting the new interdisciplinary research perspectives that are currently emerging on these issues.

The conference seeks to bring together members of the scientific community as well as civil society and institutional actors who are interested in the relationship between young people, migrations and development in the Mediterranean area. More specifically, its main objective is to provide a broad overview of the current state of research on three specific populations: 1) descendants of migrants (the so-called “second generation”); 2) children of refugees; 3) unaccompanied minors. Currently, these three groups are steadily increasing in most European countries. The issues related to their integration into the socio-economic and political life of European countries have long been central to the concerns of the international scientific community. Recently, research on these populations has also focused on the transnational dynamics in which they are involved, in particular on their relationship with “countries of origin” and on their contribution to the development of their parents’ countries of origin.

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