The Scientific Council is made up of 6 members, among whom a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and a Secretary.
The Council convenes periodically, on the initiative of its Chairman, and organises all the initiatives it deems proper in the field of population, e.g. scientific meetings, round tables on policy-relevant issues, dissemination of information, etc.
It also makes proposals on practical issues (e.g. new members; membership fees) that the general Assembly must approve.

Currently the members of the Scientific Council of the AISP are:

Francesco C. Billari
Cecilia Tomassini
Nicoletta Balbo


Elena Pirani
Mariano Porcu
Gerardo Gallo

Main activities of the Scientific Council

  • Preparation of the 2019 Edition of the Population Report
  • Organisation of the Mid-term conference (February 2018)
  • Organisation of the Italian General Biannual Population Meeting, XIII Edition 2019
  • Promotion of Population Studies
  • Academic promotion of Demography
  • Relations with other scientific societies