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Giornate di Studio sulla Popolazione 2019

Bocconi University, Milan

Milan, IT

January 24, 2019 – January 26, 2019

The Giornate di Studio sulla Popolazione (Population Days), held every two years, is one of the most important initiatives of the Italian Association for the Study of Population (Sis-AISP).

On that occasion, Italian and international leading experts and scholars, mainly from academia, the National Institute of Statistics (Istat) and other national and governmental agencies, come together to present completed, planned, and ongoing research on issues relating to the population and society with a multidisciplinary approach. Official languages are Italian and English.
The latest edition had around 250 participants who presented about 200 contributions within more than 30 parallel sessions and 2 poster sessions.

Submissions should be made to one of the following conference strands, which will be developed into a series of sessions by the organizers (in parenthesis):

Fertility (Letizia Mencarini)
Families and Households (Elena Pirani)
Health, Mortality and Epidemics (David Stuckler)
Intergenerational Relations and Ageing (Luciana Quattrociocchi)
Human Capital, Education and Labour Market (Mariano Porcu)
Methods, Models, and Innovative Data (Alessia Melegaro)
Migration, Mobility, and Ethnicity (Giuseppe Gabrielli)
Development, Environment and History (Guido Alfani)
Inequality and Demography (Gabriele Ballarino, in collaboration with SISEC)
All other topics (Francesco C. Billari)
PosterĀ  (Nicoletta Balbo)

NEW Submissions deadline: October 14, 2018

Go to the call for papers and submission procedure page or directly start the submission process (this link only works after login).

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