L'Italia all'inizio del XXI secoloL’Italia all’inizio del XXI secolo
“Universale Paperbacks”. Il Mulino

On the occasion of the VII edition of “Population Days” the first Report on the Italian Population has been published .” Italy show peculiar demographic traits.
Fertility level is among the lowest in the world, children live longer with their parents, population ageing and longevity are particularly evident.
A very high incidence in the proportion of the elderly (currently one in five people), an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of mankind, is a completely new challenge for modern societies , with economic and social consequences that we will face in the forefront.
Also immigration, which seemed only a marginal aspects no more than ten years ago, is increasing faster: even though the presence of foreigners is lower than in other Western countries, today its growth rates are one of the highest in Europe .
The family system is also experiencing rapid changes: unmarried couples, children born out of wedlock, marital instability – phenomena that were only moderately present in our country until a few years ago – are now increasing exponentially. Enriched with a large set of data (tables and graphs), this volume provides a highly detailed and updated picture of the complexity of the demographic dynamics in the contemporary Italian society.