Luciana Quattrociocchi

Luciana Quattrociocchi has worked at Italian National Institute of statistics (Istat) since 1981.

She graduated in Political Science in 1991 at Sapienza University of Rome and received a Post-Graduate Diploma in Methods and techniques of the Social research in 1992 at Sapienza.
Chief of the Structure and Social Dynamics Sections since 2006.
She previously participated to several project and realization of sample surveys: Victimization survey, Health condition and health services, Labor Force survey.
Currently she coordinates numerous researches part of the system social surveys: living conditions of people, cultural participation, statistics on Justice, victimization, violence on women, statistics on Immigration and second generation, Time Use, Use of ICT.
She’s involved in the following research areas: ageing, minor’s living conditions, bullying, use of ICT, international migrations and second generations of immigrants, tobacco and alcohol consumptions. She takes part in UNECE projects:

  • Ageing-related Statistics: to improve the availability, accessibility and comparability of statistical data in support of ageing-related policymaking in the framework of the UNECE Regional Implementation Strategy for the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing.
  • Acive ageing Index (AAI): to define an index that should be used like a stable and easy-to-use tool for the international comparability but also for observing trends over time of the active ageing.